The photos below show how we pack the stock and deliver the stock to our customers.

First of all, our salesman will go to our customer location and show them the sample of our products. For example, the customer is from Sandakan, the other part of Sabah. After the customer finished the selection, our salesman will fax the order back to our warehouse in Kota Kinabalu. Our store keeper will collect the chosen items and arrange them according to number like below:-
Customer Order hotline fashion

The store manager will double check the items to make sure that the store keepers collect the right items with the right amount. After confirmation, then the store keeper will pack the dozens of products into packing like below:-

Customer Orders Hot Line Fashion

After the products have been packed, our secretary will using computer software to open Delivery Order and also Invoice. After the required document have been printed out, we will call our associated transportation company to help us deliver the products to our customers.

The transport normally will reach our location within 1 day and the stock will be delivered on the next day. Depends on location, our customer normally will receive the items within a week time, and usually it is faster.

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