We want to show you how is the inside of our warehouse. The very first photo here is the ground floor of our warehouse. There are many different types of clothing as you can see. The photo only shows about 1/3 of the ground floor. There is a forklift at the back of the warehouse to help us carry stock from ground floor to the first floor. It is quite useful because most of the stock came from Peninsular Malaysia are quite heavy and it normally need at least 2 person to help to carry the stock. It is almost impossible to carry the items to the first floor without using the forklift.

Inside the Hot Line Fashion Warehouse

The second photo here shows the first floor of our warehouse, it is toward the end of the first floor of Hot Line Fashion warehouse. We have many iron racks to hold the stock. Each rack is numbered so that we know where we have put our stock.
Hot line fashion warehouse 2

The third photo shows the front part of Hot Line Fashion Warehouse (First Floor).
Hot Line Fashion Warehouse 3

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